Highgrove Side Lift Ottoman

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Side Lift Ottoman

Gas Hydraulic Mechanism

Reinforced Base with Anti Slip Material

Many Colour Choices & Headboards

The Highgrove Side Lift ottoman is one of the most practical, best value for money bases available. If your wanting extra storage space, with the upmost practicality, then this side lit ottoman will be perfect for you.

The Side Lift Ottoman uses the firm platform top you would find on a Divan Bed, but it is also re-enforced. You will also notice that the Base is also re-enforced to ensure the upmost support and durability is given to you throughout your night's sleep and through the many years of using the ottoman.

The Ottoman's new specification has scrapped the handles, as some people struggled to lift it up. Now there are recesses cut into the base, which are basically, two ridges that allows you to get your hands under, and simply lift the base up, with the ease of the gas hydraulics.

This Ottoman is great because like any other Ottoman you would find apart from Kaydian's, it doesn't feature a sprung slatted base, nor metal frame. This Ottoman is made in the UK and you will not come across a better design and price.

Highgrove are a leading UK manufacture of mattresses and divans since 2001, when they started with 10 team members. This has now grown to over 100 members of staff and a factory, which is well over 100,000sqft. Their ranges consist of well supportive open coil springs to the latest foam encapsulation pocket.

Their factory and workforce are highly experienced and skilled which guarantee’s the highest level of quality using the latest technology and materials to create exquisite products. We work very closely with Highgrove and they provide the fortune of a weekly delivery to use, to ensure you receive your order promptly.

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