Hypnos Latex High Profile Pillow





Ideal for side or back sleepers

Breathable Latex


Durable and highly resilient

The Hypnos Latex High Profile Pillow is ideal if you sleep on your side or back. The Talalay latex pillow fully supports your head and neck providing the greatest comfort and pressure relief. As these pillows spring back into shape, they maintain full support as you move ensuring a comfortable and restful night’s sleep.

Hypnos are a British family run bed manufacture, that have over 100 years of experience within the industry, practicing and perfecting the art of making luxurious pocket spring beds, by hand, since the Edwardian days.

Hypnos has become renowned for being royally approved and their guarantee for their beds gives you peace of mind.

Their skilled craftsmen spend hours upon end, traditionally stitching their mattresses to the highest quality, for the upmost comfort and support. The focus on individual comfort also ensures no roll-together and reduces your partners disturbance when they have a restless nights sleep, allowing you both to stay in your preferred sleeping position for longer and experience deeper undisturbed sleep.

This Hypnos Pillow comes with a 12 Month Guarantee

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Product Specification
Brand Hypnos
Model Talalay
Category Soft