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Mammoth Mattresses are medically proven to enhance your sleep. Mammoth Beds are a leading medical grade foam mattress supplier within the industry for their unique and diverse approach to the medical sector. Take a look at our range of Mammoth Mattresses that are available to try instore as well as buy online. We have a vast range of Mammoth mattresses in different tensions to make sure that you choose the Mammoth Mattress, that is right for you as an individual.

Every medical foam mattress from Mammoth has been approved by the Chiropractor Association as they have pressure relieving benefits and are technically classed as a Medical 1 & 2 device which allows them to be available VAT Exempt for those who have a disability or an existing health condition. We have recently made a contract with a leading physiotherapist in the UK, who work closely with Spire to promote the mattresses within the medical industry, and we have had Warrington Wolves Rugby League players come in and purchase a Mammoth Mattress.

Mammoth Mattresses offer a comfort like no other, from Extra Firm for those who prefer a further support, to SuperSoft for those who can't sleep without a deep, sumptuous comfort. All mattresses are provided with a 5 Year Guarantee with a further 5 Year Warranty. But the specification of this mattress allows them to last a lot longer than this, being able to support up to 40 stone for many years.

Don’t take our word for it though - Mammoth beds reviews and Mammoth mattress reviews are available online. Mammoth mattresses reviews reflect the quality of the mattresses, specially engineered with comfort and support as their primary goals. All the Mammoth mattresses listed on these pages are available direct from this website, or you can visit our Wigan bed shop to see them in the showroom before making a purchase.

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